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25 Jun 2021 - sphexed (masterlist)
(exo) oppar


"To the extent of having an individual style, any artist is sphexish — trapped within invisible, intangible, but inescapable boundaries of mental space."
- Metamagical Themas, by Douglas Hofstadter, 1985.

masterlist.Collapse )
(exo) hunhan
stress undressed. sehun/luhan. g. ~1.3K. It's been a long day and it's going to be an even longer night, SeHun thinks.
birthday fic for my love luhanfrost

But other times, their passion bleeds through, and it feels more like they’ve been this since forever, and they take great leaps without a thought.Collapse )

author's note: happy birthday luhanfrost! i actually had a longer thing in the works but it was not coming out the way i wanted to, sorry :-( thanks for still being one of my closest friends after all these years, and i hope we'll always be together hihi ♡ i love you so much, and i hope that this made your day a little bit better!!

also yay fluff

yay writing attempt


also i'd like to thank these prompts for saving me
27 May 2013 - (031) reverse cycles
(exo) oppar
reverse cycles. jongin (kai)/sehun. t. ~2.4K. A love story in reverse.
translated into vietnamese by kaiserhuna

When they met it was a stellar collision, a supernova explosion, all sparks and heat and fire and passion. With all that flame, it was only a matter of time they completely burned out.Collapse )

author's note: lol i decided to try and posting this now so i don't psych myself out later
also for shu because i said if i ever decided to write again it'd be for shu because shu is the best
(exo) oppar
legato. chanyeol → baekhyun. g. ~500w.
note: inspired by Margaret Atwood's Variation on the Word Sleep

I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only.Collapse )

normalcy. jongin (kai)/sehun. pg-13. ~1000w.
note: inspired by something i posted on my wordpress lol

they just like spending the entirety of the afternoon—from the sun at its peak to its steady fall—together.Collapse )

author's note: word vomit, written out of my own deprivation and attempt at distracting myself from personal problems lol. please excuse me for shamelessly linking my wordpress, which is where i write when i'm not on here.

GO TO sekaific
10 Nov 2012 - (028) playlist
(exo) rabu
playlist. sehun/luhan. g. It also pains him that after all their time together, he has only now fallen in love with LuHan.

LuHan's smile is what gets SeHun the most.Collapse )

author's note: finally something i wrote that i didn't hate completely and didn't delete after the first 1K, this is an achievement. this was inspired by one of my closest friend's perfect love story, and i even stole those time tags from our skype chat \o/
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